Life, Strength & Health is New Jersey’s premier Holistic center for detoxing, digestive system problems and optimum Health.

Life isn’t easy.

You juggle work and family life with no time for self. By the time your day ends it is time for bed.

Small stressful moments, a few bad meals and life’s little treats begin to add up.

Before you know it you’re sluggish, your health is a mess and you just feel “off”.

That’s where Life Strength & Health comes in.

We work with you to bring balance back to your health!

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“The center is AWESOME!!!! I’m a repeat client. They are very detailed in their work. Life changing customized programs. So HAPPY to be back here.”
Madame Chef Tarah
“I thank God for my girlfriend who introduced me to Life Strength & Health Holistic Center. I have always been a health conscious individual but I have fallen through the cracks and Jamal & Kim are helping me get back on a healthy track. If you are serious about a new lease on your health, LS&HHC will give you the guidance you need to get you there. The Podcasts will give you a head start……they are so helpful & informative.”
Carrie Romelus
“When you walk in this office, you instantly feel relaxed. They offer water and tea at the door and the staff are very warm and welcoming. I have a chronic skin condition which causes peeling patches around my mouth and creases of my nose. I also desire to lose weight to achieve optimal health. I started the detox program and within in 1 week I have seen a major improvement in my skin where I found not need the facial cream that my dermatologist prescribed. Also my weight-loss within 1 week has been at average of 1 lb per day. No cravings for any sugar and my energy level has improved. If you want to get your health in order and you are ready for change, visit Life Health and Strength! Their methodology makes sense and the prices are affordable.”
Mia Debarros
“Beautiful Loving vibes as soon as you enter the waiting room. The aroma of healing essential oils caressing the air, Organic herb tea while listening to the knowledge dropped from their podcast! Blessings on Blessings on Blessings

The consultations are amazing and profound. The therapeutic massage is healing for the body, mind and spirit. The Hydro -Colonic sessions will upgrade your life for the best in health and strength!!! You deserve this, enjoy the renewed you”

Bayyinah El-Amin

Why We Are Different

The key to good health is a strong digestive system. The key to restoring health is to detox.

We are the only place that makes this the center of what we do.

We find that when we focus on these areas first, other areas improve.

Natural Weight Loss

More energy

Better mood

Become regular

Healthy Blood Pressure

Healthy Cholesterol

Clear skin

Better overall health

Most people don’t complete health programs. They give up along the way.

Life Strength and health has a complete support system to help you reach your goals.

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