Colon Hydrotherapy is the gentle filling of warm filtered water into the colon to help remove undigested food, impacted waste and other toxins.

By cleaning your colon you help to rebalance your body and help you to feel and look your best.

If you currently:

  • Eat a poor diet.

  • Have digestive problems.

  • Want to improve your skin.

  • Want to eliminate a foul breath.

  • Want to increase your energy.

  • Want to release toxins from your body.

  • Want to improve the results of your health program.

Then colon hydrotherapy is for you!

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“I loved my experience here. I get colon hydrotherapy regularly because they have made the experience so relaxing and peaceful plus their kale chips are amazing. I lost 27 pounds in a month and kept it off for good thanks to there programs. I HIGHLY recommended them to all. Their pricing is the absolute best.”
“High quality, balance and optimal results. There is no other facility in New Jersey that offer services where you can totally.. not partially. But totally renew every component that makes you You- meaning mind, body, spirit and soul.”
Pamela Wray
“I am very happy with the services that I receive from Jamal and Kim. I am happy that I am able to support such a great cause as well as get my body, mind and soul on track to healthier state!”
Tonya Pope-Kirkwood
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More Questions?

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Generally colon hydrotherapy sessions are relaxing. But you may experience some slight discomfort  from cramping.
Colon hydrotherapy actually strengthens the colon muscles by causing the walls of the colon to contract and release throughout the session. During this strengthening process your colon muscles may get fatigued which will result in cramping.
Give yourself an hour and a half for you first visit. The actual session is 45 minutes.  The other 45 minutes will be so that you can complete your intake form & receive your assessment.
Colon hydrotherapy has been around for thousands of years and is a very safe, effective and gentle way to cleanse the colon. When you work with a qualified colon therapist you will be fine.
Everyone is not able get a colon hydrotherapy session. There are certain contraindications that prohibit someone from getting a session.

  • Recent Colon Surgery
  • Cancer of the rectum or colon
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Uncontrolled hypertension
  • Kidney disease
  • Fissures or Fistulas
  • Abdominal hernia
  • GI Hemorrhage/Perforation
  • Aneurysm
  • Blood in stool
  • Bleeding Hemorrhoids
Assuming that none of the contraindications mentioned above are present.


The best candidate for colon hydrotherapy is anyone who wants to achieve optimum health.  Whether you currently are completing a program, you have digestive system problems, you want to live more holistically, you feel a little off, you want more energy, you want to improve your skin, you are experiencing some bloating or gas. The list can go on and on.


Colon hydrotherapy is an excellent modality to help rebalance your body.

Any reduction in weight after a colon hydrotherapy session should be attributed to the elimination of waste, gas and other toxins. Colon hydrotherapy can help with weight loss by helping to rebalance the body so that it works more effectively.
You will not flush all of the good bacteria out of your colon. But you are more than welcome to take a probiotic supplement afterwards.
Everyone’s situation is different. During your health assessment which is included in every 1stTime Colon Hydrotherapy Session. You will find out the recommended amount of sessions as well as well as the frequency we recommend.
We have two Colenz systems which is an open system.
It is perfectly safe to have a colon hydrotherapy session during your cycle. We just ask that you wear a tampon for sanitary purposes.
Leading up to your session hydrate yourself as much as possible. Two hours prior to your session refrain from eating any solid food. But you may drink liquids.
Keep the meal after your session as light as possible. Soups, salads, fruit, steamed veggies. For your second meal you can consume a heavier meal.
An enema and a colon hydrotherapy session both help to rid the colon of impacted waste, undigested foods and other toxins. Where they differ is in their effectiveness. An enema can help to clear only the lower part of your colon bowel. A colon hydrotherapy session can help to clean your entire colon.
At our facility we utilize one time use tips and our units are cleaned and sanitized after each session.
The colon hydrotherapist is certified by I-ACT at the advanced level.
Everyone’s session is different. But generally most people say that they feel lighter, cleaner, less bloated & energized.
Open & closed systems are both FDA approved, safe & effective at cleansing the colon. It is just a matter of preference. Try both and see what you like best.
It is not necessary to fast. But please refrain from eating any solid foods 2 hrs prior to your session.
  • You will first be asked to complete health questionnaire.
  • You will next receive a holistic health evaluation.
  • Then you will be brought into one of our colon hydrotherapy rooms where the procedure will be explained, any questions you have will be answered and then you will be instructed on how to get onto the unit.
  • Once you are ready we will begin the session.
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This appointment is for all 1st Time Colon Hydrotherapy clients. It includes a customized Health Assessment along with your colon hydrotherapy session. Please allow 90 minutes for this appointment.

Cost: $90

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This is for any returning colon hydrotherapy client.  Please allow 1hr for this appointment. The actual session is 45 minutes.

Cost: $75

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This session is only for returning colon hydrotherapy clients. The actual session is 90 minutes long but allow yourself 1hr and 20 minutes for this session.

Cost: $140

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This package includes 5 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions. The sessions must be completed within 10 weeks.

Cost: $325

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This package includes 10 Colon Hydrotherapy Session. The sessions must be completed within 20 weeks.

Cost: $600

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This package includes 15 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions. All sessions must be completed within 30 weeks.

Cost: $825

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This package includes 10 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions that MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 30 days.  A double session will count as two sessions.

Cost: $399

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