We would like to address the misinformation that claims that the colon does not get a toxic lining (consisting of many different substances on its walls).

The debate can go all day but what is not debatable is live colonoscopy footage of different colons with varying degrees of health!

Holistic Health teaches that wellness or a lack of begins in the Gut (largely the colon) and that when sickness is presently you will find a very toxic colon.

In this video you will see varied degrees of sickness along with varying degrees of colon toxicity.

You will see yeast candida build up, parasite, plaque, caked feces and more!

This also show that the MiraLAX solution that you drink before colon hydrotherapy does not clean the colon; it clears a pathway for the camera. I am sure that in the case of a healthy colon it may but for people suffering from serious toxicity it won’t be enough.

Check out this amazing video for yourself!

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