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Life Strength and Health is here to help you feel better!

We are the only holistic center that makes how you detox waste and digest food the focus of what we do.

A toxic body can’t be healthy.

You won’t get healthy if you can’t break down and absorb what you are eating!

No matter what your health challenge is, these two things are needed to feel better.

We take the guess work out of getting healthy!

We create a custom road map for you to follow!

On this journey you will:

  • Assess the problem

  • Create a road map

  • Detox the body

  • Rebuild, repair and rebalance the body

Learn how to maintain optimum health.

During this process we have a 5 star support system to assure your success.

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“I love Life, Strength & Health Holistic Center! It has changed my life and the way I think about eating! It’s a no brainer, my 12 year old daughter is successful in losing 36lbs by changing eating habits and detoxing. If she can anyone can!”

Actual results may vary.

Sadiqa Petty
“What a wonderful place! Jamal & Kimberly are so thoughtful, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would highly recommend a visit! Supporting your body naturally is the way to go!”

Actual results may vary.

Trina Kincey
“This dynamic duo, Jamal & Kim Hester are a great step in assistance with a holistic more healthy approach to living, eating and being. They’re always my go to when I need a “snap back”…..Two thumbs up.”

Actual results may vary.

Shanaia Scott

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