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23: Omowale Adewale: Let Food Be Your Medicine, GMO’s, Agricultural Globalism & MMA Fighting

Omowale Adewale, born Lawrence James was born in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY. During his trip to Lagos, Nigeria in 2005 he was given the name by his friend and organizer Moyosore Akojenu. Moyosore passed in 2007. Omowale Adewale means the son has come home; the crown has returned. Omowale was a teen amateur bodybuilder finalist and two-time collegiate gold medalist at 18. He has competed at boxing, martial arts and mixed martial arts matches and tournaments. He won an amateur boxing belt in his mid-30’s.Since the age of seven, Omowale was attracted to political change. Omowale had managed to work every level of local or State electoral campaign including campaign manager with an above average success rate without ever graduating from college. He worked in the NYS Assembly for six years.omowalemma-fw

In 2001, after a year of fostering his vision of an artist union, recognizing the mistreatment of artists, Omowale spearheaded the Grassroots Artists MovEment (G.A.ME) with other organizers and artists. The fledgling organization received significant recognition in the organizing world and music industry, particularly, Hip-Hop. G.A.ME accomplished providing health care to artists for a short time and helped artists understand the politics of the music industry. Their change in adopting projects to help young people of color redefine themselves still blossom today.

In 2004, Omowale’s first published work was featured in Socialism & Democracy’s 36th issue “Hip-Hop, Race and Cultural Politics.” Last year, Omowale sought to help any and everyone become vegan through a host of media and communications with the #GoVeg2014 campaign. He resides in the city of New York with his wife and kids as a small urban farmer, trainer and community organizer.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Omowale’s journey into veganism.
  • The mistakes that he made eating a plant based diet.
  • The inspiration behind his book “An Introduction To Veganism and Agricultural Globalism
  • Why eating out should be limited.
  • The power of media and it’s influencing effects.
  • The damaging effects of agricultural globalism.
  • What are GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms or Genetically Modified Foods).
  • Why you should avoid GMO’s.
  • Why many in the European Union has banned GMO’s.
  • Why companies in the US are fighting not to have foods labeled as GMO.
  • Being a mixed martial artist on a vegan diet and the benefits Omowale has experienced.

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