Jamal and Kim Hester created Life Strength & Heath over 10 years ago and have been committed to providing top-notch, customized detoxification and holistic digestive imbalance services in the New Jersey and beyond.

A personalized approach: Life Strength & Health has a passion for leading people down the path to better overall health.

Our experience has taught us that each body is different and each body needs personalized care to achieve maximum wellness.

Your body is a unique and beautiful piece of machinery and should be treated as such.

Every Life Strength & Health client is treated as an individual which allows you effective treatment and long term results.When you work with us you will receive education, accountability, guidance and support so that you can succeed.

Let us use our experience and knowledge to help you live your best life and feel better than you’ve ever thought possible.

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“I am a client of the center and have had the best experience with Kim and Jamal. They are both dedicated to a holistic approach and are very willing to share information with you. I am currently on my 2nd detox program and I feel great. I have lost several inches and over 10 pounds. If you are ready to take control of your weight and health I would highly recommend you give them a call.”

Actual results may vary.

Tracy L.
“Jamal and Kim are the best! I used to go to them for my colonics and 10-day liver cleanse. They are patient and full of information. Jamal knows more about the human body than anyone else I know, except my doctor (and that’s arguable.) I highly recommend checking them out.”

Actual results may vary.

Rhonda Q.
“I’ve known Jamal since 2007 and he has been my point person ever since and always will be. I’ve never received the quality of service from any establishment than his. He is very knowledgeable, relatable and delivers stellar level of professionalism but most importantly amazing results. I strongly recommend him to everyone I come in contact with regarding health and weight. Jamal & Kimberly are the best in NJ in my opinion! Love them. Hey guys I’ll be back sooner then later!”

Actual results may vary.

Cecilia Baez

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