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76: The Power of Belief

In order to truly reach your health goals you must believe it is possible. In this episode we discuss: Why belief is so important Ways to develop & build your belief The expectancy theory Organic Food For

75: The Importance of Seasonal Detoxes

Internal hygiene is the cornerstone of optimizing your health. In this episode we discuss: Organic Food For Thought: The dangers of siting and the power of walking. What is a seasonal detox Why they are important Organs

74: Taking Responsibility For Your Health

Your mindset is one of the most important factors in you reaching your health goals, but it is often overlooked. In this episode we discuss: Organic Food For Thought: Danger of Bras What it means to take

73: The 10 Best Episodes of 2017

In this episode we discuss the 10 best episodes of 2017. 1. Episode 60: The Truth About Fats: Fats That Heal & Fats That Kill – Part 1 2. Episode 61: The Truth About Fats: Fats You

5 Healthy Plant Based Proteins

A lot of people are starting to eat less animal products and opting more for a plant based diet. We always talk about the benefits of a plant-based diet and feel like that’s the way to go.

How To Improve Your Skin Naturally

Having poor skin can affect your confidence and can certainly make you very self-conscious. It is the first thing that people see. Your skin also affects how people perceive your age. There are so many anti-aging &

72: How To Get Better Sleep

Sleep is a subject that is not talked about enough. Sleep is such a crucial component to living a healthy lifestyle. We discuss this and more in this weeks episode.   In this Episode we discuss: How

71: Q&A: What Can I Do About Constipation?

In this weeks episode we answer the question of what to do to address constipation naturally.   In this Episode we discuss: What is constipation Holistic definition of constipation Top 10 reasons people suffer from constipation Common

70: The Processed Foods Deception

There are so many food options available today.  But unfortunately some companies are not looking out for your best interest. There are so many processed foods disguised as healthy foods.  We discuss this and more in this

69: Q&A: What Can I Do For More Energy?

How to increase my energy is a question we get asked often. Having no energy certainly is not a lot of fun. It certainly can effect your productivity. So we wanted to answer this question in this