In our society it has become very common for people to have abdominal distention often called “pot bellies”, “beer bellies” and “guts”.  More and more people (and children!) are developing them and there is a growing obsession with trying to lose them.

Home ab devices, diets and workouts are a billion dollar industry and over the past 20 years of being in a gym environment most people don’t leave the gym without doing “abs”!

Many medical studies ¹ are linking belly fat with higher risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes so this is an understandable concern but there is a missing piece of the puzzle;


From our experience of working with thousands of people in regards to digestive system imbalances, belly fat is more than just fat; there is a digestive system concern.

Impacted Colon

Quite often we see a tightness in belly distention as opposed to a jiggly belly. This could be a sign of impacted waste within the large intestines.  Constipation is  the most common digestive complaint in the United States.²  If you are not having multiple bowel movements or at least one very large volume bowel movement daily this is surely a possibility. Your stool should be soft, moist and easy to pass. It should break up very easily.

Digestive System Imbalances

Any gut imbalance can be the root of abdominal distention. When the nervous system and the immune system have to deal with very poor intestinal integrity as well as bacterial imbalances, blood flow increases to meet higher oxygen and nutrient demands of this constant stressful battle. This results in the entire gut becoming engorged! This pushes against the abdominal walls and causes the abdomen to protrude.³  Many people think that this is just belly fat but as you can see that is only half of the story.

Gut Health

Between impacted intestinal waste and gut imbalances, many people feel miserable and very unhappy with their belly distention.

If this describes you there is something that can be done! You have to redirect your focus. The answer is not in a diet or in doing more crunches; the answer is to rebalance your gut!

To rebalance your gut at the very least will need to:

  • Detoxify your digestive system by taking targeted herbs. These herbs will vary from person to person; colon hydrotherapy is also a very good option as well.

  • Refrain from foods that disrupt digestion for a period of time.

  • Take supplements such as but not limited to probiotics to restore good health to the gut.

  • Address any emotional stressors that may be contributing to gut weakness.

This may seem like a tedious process but it can certainly be done!

If you need help, we have created a simplified process to rebalance your gut.


We help people to rebalance their gut with our Digestive System Reboot Program.


This program is geared towards bringing the gut into balance and eliminating abdominal distention (pot bellies).

Schedule an appointment for a Consultation (in office or virtual) so we can assess your unique situation and customize a personal program to detoxify and reboot your digestive system.<=== Click Here

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3rd Source: Alejandro Junger, MD