Colon Hydrotherapy is a growing trend that many people are beginning to try. Although it is becoming popular it is not new, colon hydrotherapy has been in practice for thousands of years.

Colon Hydrotherapy is the gentle filling of warm filtered water into the colon to help remove undigested food, impacted waste and other toxins.


Is Colon Hydrotherapy Dangerous?

Although many people report experiencing great benefits from colon hydrotherapy the medical industry continues to make allegations that question the safety of this process.

This leaves many people confused!

We wanted to clear up the confusion by addressing 5 important facts.


1. Colon Hydrotherapy Can Be Fatal. FALSE

This is a false allegation because there aren’t any known reported deaths from colon hydrotherapy. What you will find are concerns from the medical industry that this procedure could be fatal but no actual fatality cases.

What is FACT and easily found is that 100,000 people each year die from prescribed pharmaceutical drugs taken correctly.

2. Colon Hydrotherapy Machines Are Not FDA Approved. FALSE

There are colon hydrotherapy machines that are in fact FDA approved. At our holistic center (Life Strength & Health), we use a Colenz unit which is a Class 1 no prescription, FDA registered and approved device for colon cleansing.

Is Colon Hydrotherapy Dangerous


3. Colon Hydrotherapy Can Puncture Your Colon

Every warning we have ever read about colon hydrotherapy puncturing your colon only warns of the possibility but we haven’t come across any real cases published, nor through our peers in the field.

In theory if a Colonic medical device is used incorrectly it is possible but this is highly unlikely with a well-trained Colon Hydrotherapist. It is nearly impossible to puncture your colon using a gravity fed colon hydro therapy device (Colenz) which uses the same amount of pressure as a home enema.

At least 210,000 people die per year from medical mistakes and the medical industry is warning about a needle in a haystack case that still hasn’t been proven.

4. Colon Hydrotherapy Will Flush Out All Of The Good Bacteria vectorstock_9716638

The medical industry says that this process will deplete the body of vital bacteria needed for absorption which could result in dehydration and electrolyte abnormalities.

The truth is that the colon is responsible for absorbing water, therefore colon hydrotherapy can actually hydrate the body.

In regards to bacteria, due to processed foods as well as the over consumption of sugar, most people already have an imbalance between the friendly bacteria and the overgrown unfriendly bacteria; one colon cleansing session will not further affect it.

Taking probiotics is an easy way to begin the process of rebalancing the gut bacteria and is easy to do for anyone doing colon hydrotherapy sessions. We feel that everyone should take them whether you are getting your colon cleansed or not.

Antibiotics destroy friendly bacteria; Anti-Biotics.


5. Colon Hydrotherapy Is Dangerous

Colon hydrotherapy is not for everyone. There are some contraindications in regards to colon hydrotherapy. If you suffer from: diverticulitis, Crohn’s Disease, ulcerative colitis, colon surgery, severe hemorrhoids, kidney disease, colon cancer or colon surgery as well as uncontrolled high blood pressure colon hydrotherapy is not for you unless you have been cleared by your doctor. For everyone else it is safe (unless you have other medical restrictions).

We hope that this was helpful in addressing the allegations concerning colon hydrotherapy. We did a contrasts because the very things that the medical industry accuses colon hydrotherapy of commits the very crimes (on a greater scale) that it condemns.

If you have any questions or comments in regards to colon hydrotherapy please post them below.

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