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71: Q&A: What Can I Do About Constipation?

In this weeks episode we answer the question of what to do to address constipation naturally.   In this Episode we discuss: What is constipation Holistic definition of constipation Top 10 reasons people suffer from constipation Common

70: The Processed Foods Deception

There are so many food options available today.  But unfortunately some companies are not looking out for your best interest. There are so many processed foods disguised as healthy foods.  We discuss this and more in this

69: Q&A: What Can I Do For More Energy?

How to increase my energy is a question we get asked often. Having no energy certainly is not a lot of fun. It certainly can effect your productivity. So we wanted to answer this question in this

68: The Power Of Wholefoods

Unfortunately in these day & times package foods are everywhere.  These processed foods though make life easier at times, are not worth the damage that they inflict on your health. They are also very addicting.  To counter

67: Q&A: How Do I Improve My Skin?

How to improve the skin is a question we get asked often.  I can definitely understand the concern. Poor skin can definitely make you self conscious. So we wanted to answer this question in this week's episode.

66: Physical Fitness Is The Key With Teneka Thomas

Teneka Thomas is a Plainfield, NJ resident on a mission to deliver the message that fitness & health can cure many health challenges.  She wants to spread awareness in communities that are not active enough.  When working

65: Top 3 Things To Remove & Add To Your Kitchen

In this episode we discuss ways to make your kitchen a healing laboratory. In This Episode We Discuss: The top 3 things to remove from your kitchen immediately The top 3 things to add to your kitchen

64: The 80/20 Challenge

In this episode we discuss the 80/20 challenge. In This Episode We Discuss: What is the original 80/20 Diet What is Life Strength & Health 80/20 Rule? What are whole foods? What is the 80%? What is

63: Recipe For Health Success

In this episode we discuss four things that can help you to achieve your health goals. Subscribe on iTunes| Subscribe on Stitcher | Subscribe on Google Play Links And Resources Mentioned In This Episode: Life Strength &

62: The Truth About Fats: The Fats You Should Consume – Part 3

Fat is a very important component of the food groups. But unfortunately fats have gotten a bad wrap. Most people stay away from fats because they feel that it will cause them to gain weight or it